Thursday, 7 May 2020

Season 2 of Chapter 2 arrived at Fortnite

It all started with a bet that Llanos launched on twitter: if Real Madrid did not win the game against City in the first leg of the last 16 of the Champions League, he would stream 24 hours.

Laporte, central of the City, responded to that challenge by wishing him luck with those 24 hours live, both in public and in private, and they began a conversation. Ibai proposed that since it was his fault (they beat Real Madrid 1-2) he would have to stream, they could play a game of League of Legends (LoL). Since they give to that game, but to Fortnite, Ibai accepted, even though he had not played it for two years.

Laporte began to make arrangements to see what colleagues he could take. He proposed Brahim Díaz, a Real Madrid player and former City player, but it didn't work out and in the end he took Kun Agüero and Nicolás Otamendi. Ibai himself was not expected to end up doing something like that.

This Thursday, finally, Season 2 of Chapter 2 arrived at Fortnite. This new update of the most famous battle royale brings, as expected, many new features. From a new map with new zones, changes in the battle pass and all this with a new general theme, which is about secret agents and special missions.

The Epic Games creative team has completely revamped the center section of the map. There is now a new building with a heliport and an oil platform in the southwestern part. In addition, vaults have been included that we can explore later, yes, we can get some special access cards.

To play on the new map we must choose between the Shadow and Ghost sides, and thus access some exclusive skins. There will also be special challenges within each of these sides to unlock minor aspects.

Speaking of looks, one of the good surprises from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is the Deadpool skin (the collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel continues) More skins.

In addition, the new battle pass brings unique skins from the agents who are in The Agency. Among them are Maya personalization specialist Midas (the gold we saw in cryptic teasers of days gone by) and Meowscles.

The update brings the Shakedowns. If we use them we will be able to collect our enemies and extract information about the location of the other members of their team, which will be indicated.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is just around the corner. Epic Games already told us that it will start next Thursday, February 20. In recent days, the studio has been releasing several teasers to create more excitement... as if it were necessary.

The fourth teaser for this advertising campaign appeared this Monday and fans are trying to figure it out. And it appeared neither on the networks nor on TV, but in "real reality". Epic placed a Fornite ad in various cities around the world.

Fortnite professional decided to invest

As soon as the game started, LazarBeam and AlexAce began looking for items to regenerate health (which they found when fishing). In this way, the two streamers and their followers were able to gather enough reserves to face the storm that would later cover the entire island.

In the course of the game, many players died in combat or disappeared due to lack of reserves. But not to our two streamers who were ingesting the accumulated before the storm exhausted their health.

Finally, only LazarBeam and AlexAce remained. More than an hour had passed, specifically, 1 hour, 4 minutes and 55 seconds. As no such survival figure is known, it is established that they are the longest surviving players in a Fortnite game.

The video game industry is booming and currently generates enviable economic benefits for those who are dedicated to it. So this Fortnite professional decided to invest a part of his income in a family gesture that he will always remember.

Aydan Conrad is a professional gamer and streamer for Fortnite, on the Ghost Gaming team, and has decided to pay off all the debts his mother has accumulated since she took out a loan so that she could meet the cost of her own college career.

The player decided to transmit the good news in a live video on the Twitch platform, where he does his usual streams, and the mother's reaction, how could it be otherwise, is one of deep emotion.

At first the woman did not fully believe it, since it was a federal debt and she doubted that someone other than her could pay it, but after telling her that she had already spoken to the person who manages it, she broke cry.

University debts are very common in the United States, since there are hardly any public universities, and the average price of a tuition is around $ 35,000 (almost 32,000 euros). In this way, there are 44 million citizens with credits of this type, amounting to a total figure of 1,500 million dollars (more than 1,300 million euros).

Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite already has a date. In principle, it will be February 20, according to the official announcement made by Epic Games. In addition to the date, the news is that the new season could bring a new map.

On its website, Epic Games has announced that the start date of season 2 of the battle royale will be February 20. Whether the forecast is met depends on the release of update 11.50, which is expected in early February.

With this update, the game will begin to use the Chaos physics system from Unreal Engine. "This new technology has a lot of potential and would allow us to take Fortnite to another level, but now we want to make sure that Fortnite remains Fortnite," says the company of the famous battle royale.

Chaos, this new physics engine available in Unreal Engine, was presented last year at GDC 2019. It stands out for its better physics parameters and new fracturing tools.

Fortnite is preparing several surprises

We say that gamers try to decipher it because it is not a commercial message to use. Rather it is a cryptic message that he seeks... what he has accomplished: motivate enthusiastic battle royale players and increase anticipation.

In the advertisement few things are seen and those that are seen do not know for sure what they are or what they refer to. We see a golden footprint, while agents and a security card are mentioned. And, most strikingly, a phone.

Fans have called without hesitation and instead of finding answers they are now seen with more questions. When you call, you hear this message: "Yes, sir. The agents have been summoned. The card to access the safe has been purchased."

The last image posted by Epic Games shows the game map and what the entrance to the bunker looks like. Since the text shows 98% repeated several times, many believe that there will be four images each day until February 20.

The Fortnite study has done it again: all pending their messages. All users want to know what changes Season 2 will bring. On the 20th we will have all the answers.

Fortnite is preparing several surprises for the coming days (in fact, and despite its immense success, it seems that every product needs a chain of events, news and announcements to continue on the wave). Some of those surprises from the most played battle royale have been known.

Epic Games is preparing an event for Valentine's Day. But also for that reason, one of the DC Comics characters is going to have his place in Fortnite. We are talking about Harley Quinn (of course, no one forgets that his film opens this February 7: this is the trailer).

The people of Hypex have already looked for and showed us the skin of Harley Quinn for Fortnite. The skin will have a secondary aspect and it is believed that it will arrive at the battle royale with the special event for Valentine's Day.

Harley's skin will arrive with a mallet and a bat, among other accessories. The battle royale will receive other outfits like Lovethorn and Pinkie, which will arrive with special elements linked to Valentine's Day.

As Cinemania tells us, Aves de prea arrives this Friday in theaters around the world, but critics have already seen the charismatic villain of Margot Robbie in action and the response could not have been more positive.

How long are your Fortnite games? Have you managed to be the final survivor? And survive an hour in a battle royale game? The latter, as far as is known, had never occurred. But two streamers have succeeded.

LazarBeam and AlexAce have managed to survive an hour in a Fortnite game. The first of them is known for the curious challenges that it usually poses. The last one was this: see how long you could stay alive in a battle royale game.

Fortnite Intel says the record was set in a recent broadcast of these two streamers. It was possible thanks to a previous plan, logistical organization (many reservations) and the support of his followers.

Fortnite: Save the World

Finally, it will no longer be necessary to download anything extra or separately install any file to play, you can simply access the Google Play Store, search for the video game and install it on your device, as long as it is compatible with the Epic game.

Remember: Fortnite is compatible with 64-bit Android devices or with an ARM64 processor, Android SO 8.0 or higher, a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or later..

The current Fortnite season is going to last longer than expected. Initially, Season 2 of Epic Games' battle royale was scheduled to end on April 30. But no, in the end it will be in June.

Epic Games has announced that the current season of Fortnite will run until June 4. The strangest thing about the case is that the company has not explained the reasons for this change of plans.

It is possible to think that everything is actually just one more consequence of the coronavirus crisis. In any case, and in case the interest of the players decreases, Epic ensures that there will be news in the coming weeks. They announce new content: updates, experience bonuses. new challenges and some surprises.

Fortnite is missing if its developers do not want the world's most famous battle royale to follow the slope of #RIPFortnite, the hashtag that has become a trend on Twitter.

Tyler Bevvins, the most famous Fortnite player, has spoken in recent hours about the alleged video game crisis. The gamer better known as Ninja is also one of those who misses the funniest part of the first Fortnite.

Bevvins criticizes the effects of the storm. It happens that before the first circle is closed, in most games almost all players have died. And that means a much more boring final scenario, with just 10 or 20 players.

Also, gamers who get to play 5 hours in a row receive a message. Both end up receiving a text that reminds them that life is out there and that their body is going to thank it. The message says, "Correct physical exercise is good for your body."

We are talking about China, but addiction can occur anywhere. In October of last year, a lawsuit was filed before the Justice of Quebec (Canada) against Epic Games for making Fortnite an addictive game in a deliberate way. Lawyers compared this battle royale to cocaine, because the title, in their judgment, is designed to create addiction.

That same month, the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) included video game addiction on the list of diseases to be covered. Since then, it is already one more service than that offered by the National Center for Behavioral Addictions.

The paths of the Fortnite are inscrutable, and can sometimes unite people as different as popular streamer, youtuber, and eSports caster Ibai Llanos with elite soccer players.

This is what happened this Monday: on one side of the screen was Llanos and on the other, three Manchester City players: Aymeric Laporte, Kun Agüero and Nicolás Otamendi.

Fortnite is the most successful battle royale

Fortnite is the most successful battle royale. Although the Epic Games title is aimed at a broad spectrum of gamers, children under the age of 13 are its majority audience. Even so, it seems that this age is allowed to play, but not to compete in tournaments, and if not, tell the little Zenon, 9 years old.

This promising Brazilian player has a YouTube and Twitch channel with hundreds of thousands of followers and this week he had qualified for the international tournament FNC Solos that has prizes valued in millions of dollars. But despite his ability, he will not be able to participate, since he has been expelled from the competition for being younger than the allowed age to compete.

Zenon will not be able to play in any tournament for the next 4 years, until he turns 13. Of course, Fortnite can continue to play despite the fact that, in most regions, it is for people over 12 years old because it contains violence.

In addition, the live broadcast video in which Zenon learns that his account has been blocked has broken the hearts of many users. As you can see, his father was with him at the time of the news. And it is that he always accompanies him to monitor him while he plays. In fact, according to Fortnite Intel, he owns his son's Twitch channel and is the one who manages it, so there is no possibility of it being closed in that regard.

It has revolutionized the gaming world: launched in 2017, Fornite is a video game by the company Epic Games that is especially successful among the youngest. It has two game modes: ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’, a free game where up to a hundred players fight on an island, in spaces smaller and smaller due to the storm, to be the last person standing and ‘Fortnite: Save the World’, a cooperative game for up to four players that consists of fighting against casings, creatures like zombies, using objects and fortifications.

However, on its launch almost two years ago on these platforms, the Android version did not reach the Google Play Store.

These were certain "discrepancies" with Google's policy regarding the publication of applications in its store. Thus, Epic Games has been distributing its flagship game independently during this time: through the installation of its APK -whenever the smartphone in which you wanted to install it meets the requirements- or from the Samsung or Huawei application stores.

But this has finally ended and from now on Fortnite will be available on the Google Play Store. This is not only good news regarding the convenience of users to be able to play the desired 'Battle Royale', it is also a relief, since although you could do it from the game's APK before, sometimes the Google Play Protect system could give you trouble -this tool identifies as malicious software apps that are installed outside the limits of the store.